FUFUJING PVC Water Stop is a conventional waterstop that can be used in a variety of applications.

The main usage is to prevent the passage of liquids in concrete joints in many different projects such as Dams, Tunnels, Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants, and other liquid retaining structures.


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FUFUJING PVC Water Stop has become one of the leaders in the manufacturing of Waterstop in China, and we look forward to help you with your current and future projects.


Foshan Nanhai FUFUJING Plastic & Hardware Co., Ltd is located in the Pearl River Delta with a prosperous economy and convenient transportation or in the Yongkou Industrial Zone, Xiadong Road 6, Pingzhou, Nanhai District,  Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China.


With advanced production technology and perfect mechanical equipment, the company specializes in the production of middle-set-type and external –set-type FUFUJING PVC waterstop strips. Internal expansion joint PVC waterstops; Internal expansion joint PVC water stops; internal construction joint PVC water stopper; external expansion joint PVC waterstop wall pallet; external construction joint. Made mainly of high-grade PVC, the product is unique in design and advanced in process, and suitable for retaining walls of dams, reservoirs, sewage plants, basements, tunnels or sluices, for movement joints, contraction joints and construction...