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We have a large number of project experience, and the quality of the product is recognized by many parties.


2006 years, guangzhou metro line 3 of our factory has been adopted on the back stick type check bailey KW250 hose PVC model, the whole article dosage of subway construction, a total of more than 50000 meters, the whole project complete coordination &liaision instead in about two years, I plant products in strict accordance with the construction of the Guangzhou metro technology parameters, construction of the production quality every time detection are fine, without any problems, often get the thumb up construction of the subway.


2007 years, our factory cooperation with shenzhen daya bay square ling ao nuclear power plant cooling water project construction, provides a buried in the factory of PVC bailey to contractor, C - 250 type used in cooling water to the gap of the sea water supply and drainage engineering.Construction joints of cold water storage tank are used. This work project is very strict to the technical parameters of PVC water belt. Before each use, it needs to be tested by the technical department before it can be used for construction. My factory's PVC stop hose meet the standard every time. I plant in 2009 continued to participate in Yangjiang nuclear power plant construction project, nuclear seawall reinforcement dam foundation engineering construction, they use the model for PVC water-stop C300 type, countries is the good quality of our products, and so the builders use at ease.


3. In the purchase of foreign, Hanoi a purchaser in 2011, he received an order, need for Hanoi large-scale hydropower station, the purchasing PVC hose, because this type of water stop is more special, need to design the width of 500 mm, thickness in 10 mm, and the high demand for technical parameters, the tensile strength is greater than 15, elongation is more than 500, the Vietnam and southeast Asia other countries can't produce so wide and so thick water stop, later on the Google to find our factory, directly to the factory to negotiate.Our factory designer immediately designs the mold drawing according to the actual requirements of the customer.And new mould made within in a short time, and immediately put into production, Vietnam customer very satisfactory, Vietnam customers also in the next 12 years, respectively, a few of the hydroelectric project in Vietnam, both purchasing this type of PVC hose.

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