Product Advantage

Production Process

Production process of PVC waterstop:

For 18 years, we have been focusing on the needs of our customers and constantly meet the needs of customers in the process of production. First of all, the procurement of good raw materials, guaranteed various raw materials related certificates, factory inspection certificate and other certificates.

Production link to apply with good material to mix, make PVC aggregate semi-finished products for extrusion production, so to further guarantee the plasticizing properties of good product, make the product of the indicators and aging performance indicators can be guaranteed, so stop by our factory production of PVC hose can meet the requirements of customers from all over the world.

Production Capacity

Production Capacity of PVC Waterstop:

Our factory has the advanced technology of the water stop, the production capacity of every day can be in 2000-3000 meters of PVC stop hose.The customer can deliver the goods within 10-15 days after placing the order.We can finish the delivery within three days when we meet the customers who are in a hurry.

To meet the needs of customers all over the world.


Service of PVC Water Stop

Based on the needs of customers, PVC waterstop products are suitable for construction sites, internal expansion joints, external expansion joints, internal building joints, external building joints and so on. To supply of customers all over the world.


OEM and ODM customized products;


Developed the FUFUJING PVC water stop product, helped the customer to draw and develop the mold team, and saved the time and cost for the customers;


Convenient transportation; the seaport is only 3 kilometers from the company;


 Fast delivery time (5-7 days for 20’ft container);


Offer competitive prices.