External Expansion Joint-PVC Waterstops

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The expansion joint refers to a structural joint that is installed in the appropriate part of the direction of the construction joint of the building or the concrete structure in order to prevent the building component from being cracked or broken due to climatic temperature changes (thermal expansion and contraction). Expansion joints are divided into two separate parts, such as walls, slabs, and roofs (excluding wooden roofs), so that buildings or structures can be horizontally stretched in the long direction.

Due to the deformation of the foundation, or the thermal expansion and contraction of concrete which is caused by temperature changes, construction joints, settlement joints, and deformation joints are required. Waterstop must be installed to prevent the water seeping from the these joints.

The external waterstop is one of the structures to stop water leak in the surface of the concrete movement joints and settlement joints.

And the external expansion joint waterstop is suitable for constructions joints of sealing wall, underground floor slab and the places which need extra load. 

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