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What’s Different Between PVC Waterstop and Rubber Waterstop


      PVC waterstop is made from polyvinyl chloride resin and chemical additives, which is one kind of thermoplastic product goes through the process of mixing, prilling and extrusion.

      Rubber waterstop is made from natural rubber or synthetic rubber, which is goes through the process of mixing, plasticating and extrusion.

      PVC waterstop and rubber waterstop are commonly used in the construction projects to stop water leakage. In General, they are not much difference in usage. But in some tunnel engineering projects which are required external waterstop welding with the waterproofing panels, there is just PVC watestop can be used.

      Other advantages of PVC waterstop:

  1. Environmental friendly

    FUFUJING PVC waterstop is used high quality polyvinyl chloride resin to keep the high performance. And our PVC waterstop has passed the test of FDA 21CFR175.300. And it is approved to be used in drinking water.

  2. Price advantage

    To be compared with the rubber waterstop, PVC waterstop is cheaper than rubber waterstop in the same size.

  3. Easy to be installed

    When to splice two piece of PVC waterstop, we just need to use the heater blade for welding. (The heater blade is very light and easy to operate. FUFUJING also can produce the PVC waterstop heater blade for the Client.) But when to splice the rubber waterstop, we need to use the vulcanizing machine. This machine is very heavy and complicated to operate.

    And since PVC waterstop is lighter than the rubber waterstop, PVC waterstop is simple to be installed on site.

  4. Convenient to design

    PVC waterstop is suitable for many types of waterstop design and it’s easy design for die model.

  5. High resistance to acids, ozone, seawater even diesel oil

  6. Be suitable for low temperature and high temperature

    After testing, FUFUJING PVC waterstop can be used in -40℃ to 60℃.

    Our company (FOSHAN NANHAI FUFUJING PLASTIC & HARDWARE CO., LTD.) has established more than 15 years in China. We are profeesional supplier for highquality waterstop at competivtive price. Main products are PVC waterstop, swelling waterstop, PVC waterstop heater blade. Looking forward to cooperating with you in the feature.

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